Which color or temperature in this room, and why?

Multiple scientific and case studies shows that bad design of artificial lighting in our rooms are causing various problems such as a stress, insomnia, obesity, and affects productivity.

So, before we go deeper in this topic, please don’t think about it as it is only interior decorative inspiration piece, but also you need to perceive it as it is the decoration factor that correlate with your mental-health, well being and productivity to make the most out of this article in making your next room lighting purchase decisions, even if it is a bulb.

Which color or temperature for the bulb?

Sounds familiar? of course it does.

If you are a social media home groups, chats member, may be you went for shopping with a friend, or got a call from your sister who making over her room, most probably all of them asked you this question, and we can assume that you asked others the same thing as well!!

A few busy people make things really much easier, and never have a clue what color temperature they are buying, they just approach the shelf and randomly pick any bulb.. wow!

Actually it is confusing only because you don’t know why there are different colors for bulbs!!

Nature is the Answer 

Lights should be consonant to our circadian rhythm, that’s why we follow the nature when we design our home light temperature.

For example, warm light, or what we call the yellow light, feels natural in the evening when we are ready to relax, preparing ourselves for sleep, it helps promotes relaxation.

no coincidence that it is the sunset color, at the end of the day when we are suppose to rest, while the sunset informs our circadian rhythm that the day is off.

See! that’s all what you need to follow, so now you know that you need warm light in your bedroom where you sleep.

The nature light which is the sun, made perfectly to serve your biological needs, let your artificial light imitate the natural system, see!! absolute breeze… cheer up and don’t bother your friends again 🙂

As we may infer now, the cool light, or what we call it the white one, is more convenient in study rooms, or living rooms if it has our daily activities like the natural daylight while we work during the day, as it elevates alertness needed for productivity and effectively performing tasks without overburden our bodies, or impair our eyes.

Multifunctional Room

Now definitely, some of us spend a lot of time in different moments of the day, in bedroom, and some go to the bedroom only when it is time to go to bed, on the other side, some people like to take a nap in the living room or like to relax there till they feel drowsy, and already got a sofa bed in that room, and others use it only for day activities.

So, for those who use rooms as multifunctional ones, they need to have different lighting options in the same room to be able to switch between them .

And if you are a big fan of technology like me, that would be much easier, because the smart bulbs became ubiquitous, and it is really convenient to have the same bulb doing the job of morning and evening ones.

It is connected to your phone and you control the temperature and brightness according to your current activity, as if you are coloring on photoshop.. awesome!

Now I hope, that things became much easier with consulting the nature, instead of getting hundreds of different contradictory answers from social media groups.

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