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2 colors wardrobe

"Good Wood" Boards 200cm H x 144.6cm W x 60cm D Pick the color you want to match with white doors and drawers.

2 Sliding doors wardrobe with glass mirror on one of them

Material: Block Board "Good Wood",  Aluminium accessories Dimensions: H210 x W181 x D62 cm. Delivery: 12-14 working days

3 Door 2 Drawer Mirrored Wardrobe

Made of Organic Lumber Boards "Good Wood" 120cm w x 185cm h x 51cm d

3 Door Sliding Wardrobe

Block Board Oak Veneer Wood Overall Dimensions: 215cm H x 250cm W x 63cm D Detailed Dimensions listed on measurement image in photo gallery

Acrylic and Wooden 6 Doors Wardrobe

Material:  Good Wood Organic Lumber, Acrylic Dimensions: Overall: 60*240*210 Each compartment: 80cm W

Coat hanger and shoe storage cabinet

conter / Block Board 200H*160W*35D Compartments: Mirror:40W, Drawers: 60W*45H, 2 Doors Cabinet: 60W*80H

Daily 4 door 2 drawer wardrobe

Made of Organic Lumber "Good Wood" 160cm w x 185cm h x 51cm d

Daily Activity Wardrobe

Material MDF Dimensions: Listed On the Photo Gallery

multifunctional Closet

5.00 out of 5
multifunctional Closet , works as a movable stand mirror, shoe, accessories and clothes organizer   Pitch Pine base and hanger MDF rack and drawer 160 x 80 x 40 cm

Three doors and two drawers with brass effect

Material: "Good Wood" Block Board Dimensions: H185 x W133 x D58 cm Delivery: 12-14 working days

Two doors and two slatted drawers wardrobe

Material: Block Board and oak veneer, beech for legs Dimensions: H190 x W100 x D56 cm Delivery: 12-14 working days

Wardrobe with two slatted sliding doors

Material: Sides: Block Board, Back and Doors Oak Veneer MDF, Base: Beech Dimensions: H203 x W150 x D62 cm. Delivery: 12-14 working days